About the Program

Notice: Knowledge Management has been suspended as of Fall 2021.

The CSUN Master of Knowledge Management (M.K.M.) degree prepares graduates to meet a variety of organizational, social and ethical challenges in the digital age. In a globally competitive, fast-paced world, harnessing knowledge and maximizing workforce efforts are the linchpins of organizational success. Those who lead will need to know how to leverage organizational knowledge to create a competitive advantage and to do so in a way that is sensitive to the impacts of these efforts on communities—especially communities of color—within and outside of the workplace. This fully online, cohorted program equips its graduates to acquire, develop, use and share knowledge that creates value for themselves and their organizations. Moreover, its home in the College of Humanities means that students will adopt a critical, humanistic perspective that emphasizes the social and political dimensions of knowledge production and access. The program’s interdisciplinary content includes many topics covered in a traditional MBA program, but also emphasizes specialized skills and perspectives that are relevant to the fair and responsible management of knowledge in a 21st-century enterprise. These include utilizing relevant technologies; understanding the relation of knowledge and power; engaging modern communications; managing distant and diverse staff; promoting and sustaining a fair and equitable knowledge-sharing environment; leveraging global networks to achieve competitive strategic goals; recognizing and responding to the needs of diverse knowledge communities; and anticipating the potentially disproportionate impact of knowledge management strategies and technologies on communities of color. The program balances knowledge management theory and practice in order to uniquely prepare the managerial leader for the 21st-century economy and organization.

Academic Advisement

Initial application advisement is carried out by the academic lead. Once admitted into the M.K.M. program, student advisement is carried out by the program manager and is available throughout the year online.


The Master of Knowledge Management degree is designed for students and young professionals interested in acquiring multidisciplinary skills and knowledge crucial to facilitating and improving organizational efforts and objectives. Students take courses in the fields of information and media, literacy and communication, business administration and management, archival and library sciences, data sciences and statistics, as well as philosophy, ethics and public policy. The degree prepares students to become chief knowledge officers, knowledge analysts, knowledge engineers and knowledge asset managers for a variety of companies and organizations. Graduates may pursue a variety of career options in fields such as public administration, private business, social services, humanities and the arts, social and cultural research, and environmental and urban planning.