Course: PSY 471AA-ZZ. Advanced Inquiry in Clinical/Personality Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 301, PSY 320/L, PSY 321/L; Any course from required Clinical Cluster (PSY 310, PSY 351, PSY 353, PSY 370 or PSY 380).┬áRecommended Corequisite (when offered): Corresponding PSY 471AA-ZZ Seminar. For Psychology and Psychology Honors majors only. This course provides advanced study of areas of current interest in sub-areas of clinical/personality psychology. Topics within sub-areas listed below may change each semester. Students will demonstrate knowledge of statistics and research methods obtained in prerequisite courses. Letters indicate sub-areas within clinical/personality psychology. Each may be taken one time for credit. Available for graduate credit with consent of student’s graduate advisor. 3 hours lecture.

PSY 471AB Applied Behavior Analysis
PSY 471C Clinical
PSY 471CB Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
PSY 471CN Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY 471CP Cultural-Clinical Psychology