Course: QS 151. Fundamentals of QS Public Speaking (3)

Prerequisites: Multiple Measures Placement in GE-level writing, or completion of 113A or 114A, or completion of the lower division writing requirement. This course is designed to provide both an introduction to the principles of public speaking and a forum for practicing public speaking skills with particular attention to issues and contexts of significance to LGBTQIA communities. Students will analyze speeches on queer issues and learn about public speaking in the context of advancing queer and trans rights. Through a variety of strategies students will learn the processes by which effective speeches are conceived, prepared, and delivered. Includes intensive practice in public speaking, reasoning and critical listening. Public speaking from the perspective of Queer Studies will introduce students to techniques in speaking articulately and critically on queer issues. (Cross-listed with AAS 151, AFRS 151, CAS 151, CHS 151 and COMS 151.) (Available for General Education, Basic Skills A1 Oral Communication.)

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QS 151

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