Course: SCI 456. Science Capstone (3)

Prerequisites: Completion of course 1 and course 2 of science specialization. Recommended Preparatory Courses: PHYS 170, GEOL 106LRS/GEOG 106LRS. The capstone course will emphasize concepts from the physical science, earth science and life science content areas with an emphasis on scientific investigation and problem solving. Students will integrate crosscutting themes across the sciences such as patterns, cause and effect, scale, energy and matter flow, structure and function, and stability and change. Students will design and carry out scientific investigation projects that allow them to apply their knowledge of scientific practice and scientific concepts. LRS students will connect their own understanding of the sciences with the conceptual understanding of K-6 children. Students will read, discuss, and write about selected research articles assessing problem solving and connections to learning science in elementary classrooms. This course is intended for Multiple Subject Credential students only.

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SCI 456

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