Course: SED 668. Foundations of Literacy Theory and Practice (3)

Prerequisite: Admission to master’s program in EED or SED. Recommended Preparatory: EED 520 or equivalent, EED 577 or equivalent, teaching credential; or SED 521 or equivalent, SED 525EN or equivalent, SED 529 or equivalent, teaching credential. Candidates will investigate theoretical perspectives in literacy development Pre-K through adolescence and apply theory to practical experiences in the field. Candidates will gain historical perspectives in literacy approaches from the early 20th century to the present. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the evolution of literacy practices from traditional needs to future 21st century needs, including cultural, critical, family, and digital literacies. Candidates will complete various literacy tasks, including teaching using instructional strategies, in multiple contexts and field experiences. (Cross-listed with EED 668.)

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SED 668

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