Course: SPED 502MM. Reading/Language Arts Instruction for Diverse K-12 Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)

Prerequisites: SPED 400, SPED 406SPED 403MM or SPED 506MMA/B. Pre/Corequisite: SPED 501MM. Prerequisites for the Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: EPC 420, SED 521, SPED 403MM or SPED 506MMA; Pre/Corequisites for the Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: SPED 501MM. This course develops understanding of reading processes and the reading and written language problems of students with mild/moderate disabilities. Emphasis is given to informal diagnostic assessment procedures and intensive focused intervention. Evidence-based approaches to supporting the development of individualized interventions in phonemic awareness, word decoding, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension are critically examined and applied.

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