This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
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This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare students for rewarding careers and higher education in engineering management, manufacturing systems engineering and materials engineering. Our graduates will be able to solve complex technical problems, address the needs of modern society and pursue lifelong learning. The department successfully guides students in their achievement of the educational objectives articulated for all undergraduate engineering programs at CSUN, and acquisition and development of the specialized knowledge and skills essential to their professional practice of manufacturing systems engineering, materials engineering and engineering management for the betterment of society, as well as competence in the design, implementation and management of contemporary manufacturing and production methods and systems.

Academic Advisement

The Manufacturing Systems and Engineering Management (MSEM) faculty is committed to providing a supportive student-centered environment for its majors, who must all meet with their assigned faculty advisors for academic advisement. Call (818) 677-2167 for information about any undergraduate or graduate programs.


More than two-thirds of all engineering professionals invest a significant portion of their careers in managing and administering a wide range of technical engineering and research projects and budgets. As the engineering profession evolves, an increasing need has emerged for entry-level engineering professionals who have both a broad engineering background and the knowledge and ability to interface between the business and technical functions of organizations. Undergraduate engineering majors learn engineering fundamentals, together with the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities in technological environments.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering is a growing discipline area in the engineering profession. Four of the seven technology areas that have been identified for rapid development by the National Science Foundation—advanced manufacturing technologies, advanced materials and processing, biotechnology and healthcare delivery systems—are particularly well-suited for the talents of the manufacturing systems engineer. Employment opportunities abound in the metropolitan Los Angeles area, the leading manufacturing region in the United States.

On the job, manufacturing systems engineers develop new facilities, create computer models and images of products and processes, manage the production process, conduct productivity studies, test products and evaluate materials, troubleshoot on the factory floor and work hand-in-hand with design engineers. Because their background is broad and the types of work are so varied, these engineers find opportunities in fields besides manufacturing, applying their skills and knowledge in such diverse environments as hospitals, entertainment firms and consulting firms. Many manufacturing systems engineers are noted for starting their own companies or pursuing engineering management career paths in large companies.

Although most manufacturing systems engineers are employed in private industry, others pursue careers with government agencies or educational institutions. The bachelor’s degree can be used as a stepping stone to graduate work in engineering, law, business or even medicine. Many Manufacturing Systems Engineering graduates return to CSUN to earn their M.S. degree in the Engineering Management, Manufacturing Systems Engineering or Materials Engineering programs.


The B.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.


Honors Cooperative Internship Program

The college offers an opportunity for highly qualified students to work in local industry throughout an entire calendar year. Students work full time during the summer and half time during the academic year. Students receive 6 units of academic credit in conjunction with this experience. The program is open to undergraduates who are nearing their senior year, have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and have passed the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. Graduate students who wish to participate must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA. Applicants are matched to employer-supplied job descriptions and scheduled for interviews with prospective employers. The competitive nature of the program usually generates more applicants than available positions. The application period begins in early March, and the period of employment is typically from July 1 through June 30.

Clubs and Societies

Community Relations and Department Industrial Liaison Council

The MSEM department maintains strong relations with the community. We continuously review our programs with students, alumni and employers of our graduates. The Department Industrial Liaison Council consists of members in the professional community to ensure that we receive a breadth of information on future engineering trends that would affect our programs.


Chair: Ahmad Sarfaraz
Jacaranda Hall (JD) 4510
(818) 677-2167