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Program: Minor in African Studies

Program Description

The minor in African Studies is designed to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African history, literature, politics, geography and cultures. It provides a background for advanced study of Africa and for teaching Africa and world cultures in elementary and secondary schools. Students may take courses in several departments that satisfy the minor requirements or may use these courses as electives in their majors. All students interested in the African Studies minor must see a member of the Program Committee or the Coordinator of African Studies to work out a program that will meet their own specific needs and interests.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division (6 units)

Select one of the following:

AFRS 171 Classical African Civilization (3)
AFRS 226 Traditional African Cultures (3)
HIST 145 African Civilization to Modern Times (3)

Select one of the following:

AFRS 282 African Religion in the New World (3)
ANTH 152 Culture and Human Behavior (3)

GEOG 150 World Geography (3)

2. Upper Division (18 units)

Select from the following:

Some of these courses may have prerequisites.

AFRS 344 Literature of the Caribbean and African Experience (3)
AFRS 366 Colonialism in Africa (3)
AFRS 382 Traditional Religions of Africa (3)
AFRS 465 Pan Africanism: Development of an Ideology 1865-1954 (3)
AFRS 466A, AFRS 466B The Model Organization for African
 Unity (3,3)
GEOG 326 Africa (3)

HIST 435 African History to the 19th Century (3)
HIST 436 Africa History Since the 19th Century (3)
HIST 496Y Experimental Topics Courses in History: Africa (3)
HIST 497L Proseminar: Africa (3)
POLS 420E International Relations of Selected Areas: Africa (3)
POLS 439A Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa (3)
POLS 439B Government and Politics of Southern
 Africa (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Coordinator: Suzanne Scheld
Department of Anthropology
Sierra Hall (SH) 232
(818) 677-3331