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JS 151. Natural Environment in Judaism (1)

Corequisite: RTM 151F. An examination of teachings on the natural environment found in Jewish literature and oral teachings, with an emphasis on values and practices related to respect for natural life and environmental conservation. Arranged wilderness field trips are required.

JS 200. Jewish Religion and Culture (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. This class explores Jewish religious concepts and practices, as well as Jewish culture in international contexts from the ancient period to the present. (Available for General Education, Arts and Humanities.)

JS 210. History of the Jewish People (3)

Study of the Jewish people from their beginning in the ancient Near East to the establishment of the modern state of Israel. (Cross-listed with HIST 210.) (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies.)

JS 300. Ancient and Medieval Jewish Arts and Literature (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. This class explores how ancient and medieval Jews expressed themselves in literature, art and architecture, law, music, philosophy and science. It also explores how distinctive Jewish genres, styles and creative processes are related to similar expressions in non-Jewish cultures. Regular written assignments are required. (Available for General Education, Arts and Humanities.)

JS 318. Applied Jewish Ethics (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Applies Jewish teachings to contemporary social problems. Case studies may involve wealth and work, sexuality, food, war, the environment, and other topics. Students apply appropriate social scientific methods to collect data, analyze, evaluate, explain, and/or solve problems in social relations and human behavior. (Available for General Education, Social Sciences.)

JS 330. Women in the Jewish Experience (3)

Preparatory: Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Examines a minority culture—women in Jewish communities from antiquity to the present. Course perspective is international, with significant focus on Mediterranean, West Asian and African Jewish societies. Contemporary topics such as sexuality, creative ritual, Israeli/Palestinian politics, and body image also are discussed. (Cross-listed with GWS 330.) (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies.)

JS 390CS. Internship in Jewish Community Non-Profit (3)

Prerequisites: Instructor consent; Completion of the lower division writing requirement. Work experience in Jewish schools, synagogues, social welfare or political organizations. Faculty supervisor assists students in obtaining appropriate work placements. Work experience is complemented by academic study and written assignments offers a community service opportunity with service learning activities relating to concepts and theories presented. Requires 100 hours of community-based fieldwork. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning.)

JS 409. History of the Jews in the Modern Era (3)

A history of the Jewish people from the 17th century to the present. Principal themes include the transformation of the traditional community, the changes in Jews’ political status, the emergence of modern antisemitism, and ethnic and gender distinctions within Jewry. (Cross-listed with HIST 409.)

JS 427. Israel’s History and Peoples (3)

A history of the modern State of Israel, from the emergence of modern Jewish nationalism to the present time. The conflicts between Jews, Palestinians, and imperial and regional powers will be examined, as well as the relations between the diverse peoples that constitute Israel’s multicultural, multireligious, and multinational society. (Cross-listed with HIST 427.)

JS 495A-Z. Selected Topics in Jewish Studies (3)

In-depth study of a selected theme or issue in Jewish Studies. Topics will change from semester. Critical writing and reading is required. This course may serve as the capstone experience for the B.A. degree in Modern Jewish Studies. Available for graduate credit.

JS 496A-Z. Experimental Topics in Jewish Studies (3)

Course content to be determined.

JS 499A-C. Independent Study (1-3)

No course description.

JS 546. The Holocaust and Genocide for Educators (3)

An overview of the Holocaust and the concept of genocide, with a focus on the analysis and evaluation of varied resources for educators, including film, photographs, literature, art, music, documents and other primary source materials. (Cross-listed with HIST 546.)

JS 699A-C. Independent Study (1-3)

Investigation of a significant problem in Jewish studies. Project selected in conference with faculty sponsor and with approval of the program coordinator.