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Program: Minor in Political Science

Program Description

The minor in Political Science is designed for students who wish to have a formal secondary area of concentration. A minor is not required for a baccalaureate degree.

Program Requirements

1. Basic Requirements (6 units)

*Upper division students should take POLS 355. Students will receive credit for only 355, but not both 155 and 355.

2. Upper Division (18 units)

  1. Three courses in Domestic Politics and Policy (9 units)
  2. Three courses in Global Politics and Policy (9 units)

Advanced Courses


POLS 360361POLS 380POLS 403POLS 404POLS 405POLS 406POLS 407POLS 413POLS 440POLS 441, POLS 442, POLS 443POLS 444POLS 445POLS 446POLS 447APOLS 448POLS 449POLS 450POLS 455POLS 457APOLS 457B, POLS 458, POLS 460POLS 461POLS 462POLS 463POLS 465POLS 466POLS 467, POLS 469/L, POLS 471A, POLS 471E and POLS 471F


POLS 310POLS 321, POLS 330, POLS 332POLS 410POLS 420A, POLS 420B, POLS 420C, POLS 420D, POLS 420E, POLS 420F, POLS 420G, POLS 420HPOLS 421POLS 422POLS 423, POLS 424, POLS 426POLS 427A/L, POLS 427B/L, POLS 428POLS 429, POLS 430, POLS 431, POLS 432APOLS 432BPOLS 433A, POLS 433C, POLS 434APOLS 434B, POLS 435A, POLS 435BPOLS 436APOLS 438POLS 439A, POLS 439B, POLS 448POLS 471B, POLS 471CPOLS 480 and POLS 481


POLS 303, POLS 321POLS 350POLS 372POLS 411POLS 412POLS 414, POLS 415, POLS 471DPOLS 486SOCPOLS 490CA, POLS 494SOC, POLS 496A-Z, POLS 498A, POLS 498B, POLS 498C, POLS 499A, POLS 499B, POLS 499C and POLS 499RIA

Total Units in the Minor: 24


Department of Political Science
Chair: David Leitch
Sierra Hall (SH) 210
(818) 677-3488