The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics offers majors in Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing and Business Administration, with options in Business Law, Global Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, and Systems and Operations Management. The Student Services Center and EOP Satellite assists the College in its efforts to support, retain and graduate students by promoting and fostering student development and academic success. Professional academic advisors support students throughout their academic experience. Holistic services offered include new student advising for EOP freshmen and transfer students; help for students to identify and achieve long- and short-term goals; academic advisement; graduation planning; and referrals to College and University resources for academic, personal and professional development. The Center also provides additional specialized services to eligible Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) students. For additional assistance, students are encouraged to contact the Center or visit the website.


David Nazarian College of Business and Economics
Student Services Center/EOP

Interim Director: Michelle Street
Bookstein Hall (BB) 2113
(818) 677-3537