Change of Objective

Enrolled graduate students may change their objective and seek admission to an alternate degree program by filling out a Change of Objective form. The form can be obtained online. Transfer of previously earned units to the alternate program must have the approval of the department to which the student applies. A request for a change of objective for a student on academic notice (formerly academic probation) also is subject to the approval of the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies*.

Students cannot be enrolled in multiple degree programs simultaneously. Upon completion of the first graduate degree, students must reapply to the University to pursue an additional degree.

The Office of Graduate Studies will neither accept nor consider Change of Objective forms submitted by doctoral or master’s students who have been disqualified from and not reinstated in their graduate program. Disqualified graduate students must reapply as a previously disqualified student if they want to return to CSUN in another program.

*Effective Spring 2023, students on academic notice (formerly academic probation) may not change their program or submit a Change of Objective form for processing until they are in good academic standing.