Transfer Work for Graduate Programs

Credit for work performed in extension or at another regionally accredited institution is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Transfer of work is subject to the approval of the graduate coordinator of the program that the student will enroll in and the Assistant Vice President of Graduate Studies. An unofficial transcript must be submitted with either the formal program or course substitution to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval of the specific coursework.
  2. Only graduate coursework with a grade of “B” or better may be transferred (CR/NC grading is not transferable).
  3. No more than 9 units in combination of transfer work, extension work or work completed prior to earning a baccalaureate/master’s degree can be used toward a degree.
  4. Both transfer and CSUN coursework may not exceed the 7-year time limit.
  5. Transfer courses and undergraduate CSUN course(s) petitioned to count for postgraduate coursework cannot be validated once the course exceeds the 7-year time limit.
  6. Units transferred in from a quarter institution will hold a lesser value (i.e., 4 quarter units= 2.67 semester units).
  7. If the course(s) petitioned have been taken at an institution where the degree has been granted, the student must provide a memo from the institution indicating the course(s) was not used for degree completion.

Note: If graduate transfer coursework is approved to be used in substitution of CSUN coursework on a student’s formal program, then it will only be calculated in the student’s formal program GPA. Transfer work is not calculated in a student’s cumulative GPA and will not appear on the student’s CSUN transcript.