Degree Progress Report/Planner

The Degree Progress Report/Planner is a degree planning tool with two components. The Degree Progress Report (DPR) component provides a full picture of the student’s progress toward the completion of all degree requirements. Undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral students have access to the DPR and can generate, view and print their DPR online at any time by logging into the CSUN Portal.

The Planner component is an interactive tool available for undergraduate students to plan remaining coursework term-by-term by selecting courses from those listed in the DPR to fulfill General Education and major degree requirements. The Planner can be used in conjunction with the Registration Planner tool to generate class schedules.

Undergraduate Students

The Office of the Registrar evaluates previous college work in relation to undergraduate degree requirements at CSUN. Entering students who have submitted all final official transcripts and test scores have access to the Degree Progress Report/Planner. The Degree Progress Report/Planner indicates how incoming, transferable coursework completes the baccalaureate degree requirements at the University. Undergraduate students should review the Degree Progress Report and Planner Guide for more information.

Graduate Students

The Office of Graduate Studies evaluates the Degree Progress Report for masters and doctoral students. Graduate students should consult the graduate program coordinator for advisement regarding coursework and academic progress. Graduate students should review the Degree Progress Report (DPR) Tutorial for more information.