Missed Classes While Representing the University in Official Curriculum-Related, University-Approved Activities

When representing the University in official curriculum-related, University-approved activities requires a student to miss classes, faculty are expected to provide, within reason, opportunity to make up any work or exams that are missed.

To be eligible for such accommodation, the student is obligated to provide the instructor of the class with written documentation signed by the faculty, staff member or administrator supervising the activity, giving specific information concerning the activity, its location and the dates and times when class attendance is not possible. This documentation must be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the semester or as soon as the information becomes known. Instructors may set limits on the number of classes that may be missed for which special accommodation to make up missed work will be allowed. The process for making up missed class work is the prerogative of the instructor and shall be communicated to the affected students during the first week of classes or as soon as the need for accommodation becomes known.

For the purposes of this policy, if a question arises as to which events meet the definition of official curriculum-related, University-approved activities, the determination shall be made by the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies.

Absence from class for official curriculum-related, University-approved activities does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the coursework required during the period of absence.

University sponsors of these activities have an obligation to respect the importance of regular class attendance for successful academic performance and to minimize the number of such absences. Instructional faculty have an obligation to respect the importance of such student participation and to assist student participants in meeting their academic obligations.