Attendance (Class Attendance)

Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Students who are absent from the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once a week, or from the first meeting of a class that meets once a week, lose the right to remain on the class roll and must formally withdraw from the class, following University procedures and deadlines. Failure to formally withdraw from a class will result in the instructor assigning to the student a grade of “WU” (Unauthorized Withdrawal), which, in computing a student’s GPA, counts as a grade of “F.”

In a compressed term or session of fewer than 15 weeks, the rule applies if the first class meeting is missed. An instructor may allow a student to continue in the class if the student notified the instructor that the absence would be temporary. If no instructor was assigned to the course in advance, students must notify the department chair that their absence from the class will be temporary.