The Transfer Degree Road Map on this page presumes the completion of lower division General Education, Title 5 (United States History and Government), and lower division core requirements for this major. See General Education Rules for more information. Lower division major requirements can be found by looking at the 4-Year Degree Road Map for this major. Refer to ASSIST for transfer information and articulation of courses taken at California Community Colleges. Verified Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) STAR Act students should use the ADT/STAR Act Degree Road Map for their major.

Once transfer coursework is evaluated, applicants and admitted students can use the Degree Progress Report/Planner to learn which requirements need to be completed.

To meet residency requirements, students must complete a minimum of 30 units at CSUN: 24 units must be upper division, 12 units in the major and 9 units in General Education.

The below Piano Pedagogy Option Transfer Plan is based on student placing out of Musicianship 4 (MUS 212/L), Theory/Harmony 2 (MUS 214), and have already taken the equivalent to Music History 1 and 2 (MUS 201/MUS 202). Fundamentals of Music Technology and Lab is also required (MUS 191/L).

Transfer Year 1: 1st Semester

Course Units
MUS 132A 1
MUS 311/L 2
MUS 316 3
MUS 407A 2
MUS 461A/L 2
Lesson Requirement 2
Ensemble Requirement 1
Elective 1
Total 14

Transfer Year 1: 2nd Semester

Course Units
MUS 132B 1
MUS 312/L 2
MUS 407B 2
MUS 432/L 2
MUS 461B/L 2
Lesson Requirement 2
Ensemble Requirement 1
Electives 4
Total 16

Transfer Year 2: 1st Semester

Course Units
MUS 232C 1
MUS 307 (also meets GE Upper Division Comparative Cultures) 3
MUS 478A/L 2
Lesson Requirement 2
Ensemble Requirement 1
GE Upper Division* 3
Electives 3
Total 15

Transfer Year 2: 2nd Semester

Course Units
MUS 232B 1
MUS 432/L 1/1
MUS 478B/L 1/1
MUS 483ME/L 1/1
MUS 495 1
Lesson Requirement 2
GE Upper Division* 3
Elective 2
Total 15

*If needed, select GE Upper Division courses that also satisfy: (1) IC: Information Competence, (2) GE Comparative Cultural Studies, and/or (3) Title 5 requirements in American History and/or US/State/Local Government.