Course: ACCT 350. Intermediate Financial Accounting I (3)

Prerequisites: Junior class standing and Pre-Accountancy major. An overall and CSUN GPA of 3.2 or higher for continuing CSUN students or an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher for first semester transfer students. Grades of “B” or higher in ACCT 220 and ENGL 205, as well as a “C” or higher in ACCT 230, BLAW 280, ECON 160, ECON 161, IS 212, MATH 103 and SOM 120 (or MATH 140). Corequisites: BUS 302 and BUS 302LThe first course in the financial accounting sequence. Covers the theory of financial accounting as well as the accounting process, with an emphasis on the accounting system and related technical skills.

Fall-2020 - Schedule of Classes

ACCT 350

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