Program: Central American Studies, B.A.

Double Major Option

Program Description

The Central American Studies Program has a trifold mission: to empower the large and growing Central American community in the United States by promoting academic excellence, community involvement and cultural diversity; to open spaces of global citizenship and dialogue between academia and society that contribute to the construction of a Central American transnational identity; and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the diverse Central American cultures, ethnicities, experiences and worldviews from an interdisciplinary global perspective.

Program Requirements

1. Lower Division Required Courses (9 units)

Select one of the following:

CAS 100 Introduction to Central American Studies (3)
CAS 102 The Salvadoran Experience (3)

Select one of the following:

CAS 201 Survey of Central American Literature (3)
CAS 202 Survey of Central American Visual, Installation and Performance Arts (3)

Required Course:

CAS 270/F Fieldwork in Central American Communities (1/2)

2. Upper Division Requirements (21 units)

Select seven of the following courses:

CAS 303 Central American Film (3)
CAS 309 Ancient to Pre-Modern History of the Central American People (3)
CAS 310 Modern History of Central American People (3)
CAS 311 The Central American Diaspora (3)
CAS 350 Urbanization in Central America (3)
CAS 355 Environment, Development and Social Exclusion in Central America (3)
CAS 356 Afro-Caribbean Central American Cultures and Identities (3)
CAS 364 Culture and Violence in Central America (3)
CAS 365 Changing Roles of Central American Women (3)
CAS 366 Contemporary Indigenous Peoples of Central America (3)
CAS 367 Contemporary Religious Movements in Central America (3)
CAS 368 Central American Revolutionary Movements (3)
CAS 369 Contemporary Social Movements in Central America (3)
CAS 410 The Central American Child (3)

3. Central American Studies Seminar (3 units)

Select one of the following:

CAS 421 Central American Literature Seminar (3)
CAS 440 Research Seminar on Central American Culture (3)
CAS 460 Research Seminar on Central American Political Issues (3)

Total Units in the Double Major Option: 33


Department of Central American and Transborder Studies
Chair: Yarma Velazquez Vargas
Jerome Richfield Hall (JR) 254
(818) 677-2736

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Central American Studies will be able to:

  1. Develop critical-thinking, writing and reading skills.
  2. Acquire an awareness of the complexity of the historical, social and cultural developments in Central America, as well as an understanding of the diverse Central American cultures, ethnicities, experiences and worldviews.
  3. Expand their understanding of the transnational Central American community’s experience and its economic and cultural contributions to the United States and Central America.
  4. Develop the intellectual and social foundations and leadership skills necessary for promoting social change in U.S. society, especially in relation to Central American peoples in the United States.
  5. Recognize, understand, evaluate and change the culture of exclusion that has been prevalent in Central America and the United States.