Prerequisites: ECE 410/L. Corequisite: ECE 411. “Load Analysis” and “Load Forecasting” using Box-Jenkins Methodology are introduced. Distribution transformers, design of sub-transmission lines and distribution lines, design of primary systems and secondary systems leading to voltage drop and voltage regulation and power losses are covered. Detailed study of the “K” factor is given. Reliability of distribution systems is analyzed and distributed generation (DG) is discussed. Automated distribution operations (ADO), where the problem of voltage-drop and voltage regulation is resolved using IED (intelligent electric devices), is discussed; this topic is a consequence of the implementation of the smart grid. The application of the concepts covered in this course is discussed in relation with sustainability. A project is assigned in which students select a topic related to the course, perform bibliographical research, write a report and make presentations about their findings. Tools used include MATLAB and PSPICE.

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ECE 611

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