Course: EED 480. Science/Social Science Curriculum Methods (4)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of EED 477B and first student teaching assignment. Corequisites for Multiple Subject Credential Candidates: EED 578D, EED 579. Corequisites for Education Specialist Credential Candidates: SPED 579, SPED 580MM. This course addresses the skills and understandings that Multiple Subject Credential and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential candidates need in order to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs in science and social science for diverse student populations that reflect the California Science and Social Science Frameworks, Common Core Standards (CCSS), Academic Content Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). It is designed to provide teacher candidates with models of instruction such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL) consistent with our current understanding of learning processes, opportunities to develop related process skills, use of technology and STEM Education in the teaching and learning of science and social science, and skills in implementing instructional models. Furthermore, the course helps teacher candidates develop strategies for teaching children of widely differing cultural and linguistic heritages, developmental levels and learning styles, and special populations to ensure equal access to the core curriculum. This course is restricted to Integrated Teacher Education Program candidates admitted to the credential program. Available for graduate credit with approval from the graduate coordinator.

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EED 480

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