Course: SPED 580MM. Student Teaching and Seminar in Mild/Moderate Disabilities (6)

Prerequisites: EED 565 or SED 525; SPED 400, SPED 402, SPED 403MM, SPED 404, SPED 406, SPED 416, SPED 420, SPED 501MM. Pre/Corequisites: SPED 502MM, SPED 503MM. Only one of these courses, however, may be taken concurrently with SPED 580MM.

Prerequisites for Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: EPC 420; SPED 403MM; SED 521; one of the following: SED 525, SED 525A, SED 525EN, SED 525HE, SED 525HS, SED 525MA/L, SED 525MU, SED 525PE, SED 525S/L, SED 525SS, or SED 525WL; SED 554/S; SPED 402; SPED 404; SPED 416; SPED 420; SPED 501MM; SPED 502MM. Pre/Corequisites for Dual Single Subject/Education Specialist Program: AAS 417/AFRS 417/ARMN 417/CHS 417/ELPS 417; SPED 503MM. Corequisites: SED 555 and SED 555S.

This course is the final special education field experience for students in the Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Preliminary Credential Program. Candidates complete this experience on the job, or with a supervising teacher who serves diverse learners with mild/moderate disabilities. Student teaching consists of one complete semester, full day assignment during which time the candidates gradually assume full responsibility for the complete instructional program if they are not on the job. The candidates are provided supervision and guidance by the supervising teacher or on-site support provider, as well as a University supervisor. The seminar portion of the course (SPED 580S or SED 555S) meets on a regular basis throughout the semester with the University supervisor.

Fall-2021 - Schedule of Classes


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