Course: EED 565S. Science Curriculum and Methods (3)

Prerequisites: Admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program; EED 500/EPC 500; EPC 315 (Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning) may be substituted for the EPC 500/EED 500 prerequisite only if completed as an undergraduate; EED 520; EED 565M. This course addresses the skills and understandings that Multiple Subject Credential candidates need in order to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs in science, including those for STEM education, for diverse student populations. It is designed to provide teacher candidates with models of instruction consistent with the nature of science and our current understanding of learning processes, opportunities to develop related science and engineering practices, and skills in implementing inquiry-based lessons and units of study to lay a foundation for K-5 students to develop into scientifically literate citizens. In addition, students will explore and apply the various dimensions of science teacher knowledge, including state-adopted standards, curriculum frameworks, and science/engineering curriculum materials; students’ alternative conceptions; and teaching strategies. Teacher candidates will apply key literacy practices to the specific content demands of the science curriculum. They will develop strategies for teaching children of widely differing cultural and linguistic heritages, developmental levels and learning styles, and students with special learning needs to provide all children equal access to the science curriculum.

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EED 565S

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