Course: SED 555I. Supervised Practicum for the Single Subject University Intern Program (3)

Required for candidates in the Single Subject University Intern Program (SSUIP). Prerequisites: SED 593, SED 593S, SED 594/S; Internship Credential; Clearance from the Credential Office. Corequisite: SED 555S. SED 555I is the third and capstone course in a sequence of supervised field experiences for University Intern candidates. Intern teacher candidates do their supervised field experience in their own secondary classrooms and are supervised by a University coach and an on-site collaborating teacher. During the supervised field experience sequence, each intern teacher candidate has experiences teaching English language learners and participates in two or more subject-specific teaching assignments. See the Intern Program Coordinator, Credential Office or department website for additional information. (Credit/No Credit only)

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SED 555I

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