Program: Minor in Theatre: Acting/Directing

Program Description

Note: TH 110 is the introductory course required in each of the minor emphases to be taken during the first semester of registration as a Theatre minor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a department advisor as early as possible to discuss their program of studies and the selection of an emphasis for the minor.

Production Participation:

Some Theatre minors are required to complete two upper division department production participations. Completed assignments should reflect the broad spectrum of theatre production areas, including, but not limited to acting, directing, scenery, costumes, properties, lighting, sound, makeup, technology, management and dramaturgy. Courses that require a production assignment as part of the course TH 339, TH 361A, TH 361B, TH 362ATH 362BTH 363A, TH 363B, TH 367TH 376TH 382ABC, TH 383, TH 384TH 390ABC, TH 459, TH 490ABCTH 498BTH 498C and TH 498D) will fulfill the production assignment for the semester during which the course is taken. TH 391 (0-0) carries no unit credit but validates production participation associated with above courses.


Department of Theatre
Chair: Anamarie Gallardo de Dwyer
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