This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

This is an archive of the 2017-2018 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Linguistics/TESL department is to provide students with broad awareness and specific knowledge of the various components of the discipline and how each contributes to the study and understanding of human language. Students will gain a solid understanding of the basic issues and questions that underlie research in the field, skill in critical thinking and an understanding of the applications of linguistics in their projected careers.

Academic Advisement

The Linguistics/TESL department helps students select the program and courses that best satisfy their individual needs and interests. For information about the degrees offered, please consult the Department of Linguistics/TESL website. For graduate student advising, contact Dr. Tineke Scholten at Undergraduate majors and minors should consult with an advisor in the College of Humanities (COH) Student Services Center/EOP to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. Call (818) 677-4784 to schedule an appointment.


The questions that linguistics teaches students to ask about language are related to a wide range of fields and professions, including law, psychology, education, computer science and technology, anthropology and sociology to name a few. Students who earn bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics may seek careers in any of these fields or they may pursue advanced degrees in linguistics and related fields. The M.A. degree in TESL, the TESL minor and the TESL certificate prepare students—each at different levels and with different applications—to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Clubs and Societies


The Department of Linguistics/TESL currently presents the Delphine Ulibarri Lucero Memorial Award to a Linguistics or TESL student, undergraduate or graduate, who has shown persistence in his or her studies despite obstacles. The award is presented at the end of the Spring semester.


Chair: Kenneth Luna
Associate Chair: Stephanie Kim
Staff: Katherine Draper, Reyna Campos Kennedy
Sierra Tower (ST) 805
(818) 677-3453