This is an archive of the 2021-2022 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit

This is an archive of the 2021-2022 University Catalog.
To access the most recent version, please visit


Office of the President

Erika D. Beck, President

Genevieve Evans Taylor, Chief of Staff

Amanda Quintero, Special Assistant to the President for Inclusive Excellence

Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Chief Diversity Officer

Academic Affairs

Mary Beth Walker, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Matthew Cahn, Vice Provost

Farrell J. Webb, Provost Administrative Fellow for Special Projects

Academic Community Partnerships

Deborah Cours, Assistant Vice President

Julia Heinen, Faculty Director, Community Engagement

Academic Resources and Planning

Diane S. Stephens, Associate Vice President

Callie Juarez, Director of Academic Budget Management

Educational Opportunity Program

Shiva Parsa, Director

Jina Gonzalez, Associate Director

Conchita Battle, EOP Exploratory Advisement Coordinator

Faculty Affairs

Diane Guido, Associate Vice President

Michelle Kilmnick, Director

Faculty Senate

Michael Neubauer, Faculty President

Graduate Studies

Amy Levin, Assistant Vice President

Institutional Research

Janet Oh, Senior Director, Institutional Research

Sakile Camara, Interim Director, Academic Assessment and Program Review

Jennifer Little, Associate Director, Academic Assessment and Program Review

University Library

Mark Stover, Dean

Katherine Dabbour, Associate Dean

Justin Kovalcik, Director of Library Information Technology

Jamie Skeggs, Director of Library Administrative Operations

Susanna Eng-Ziskin, Research, Instruction and Outreach Services, Department Chair

Christopher Bulock, Collection Access and Management Services, Department Chair

Research and Sponsored Programs

Christopher Sanford, Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs

Vacant, Senior Director, Research and Sponsored Programs

Sherrie Hixon, Director, Strategic Research Initiatives and Innovation

Student Success

Melanie Bocanegra, Associate Vice President

Cynthia Greco, Senior Coordinator for Student Success

Kim Henige, Director, Academic First Year Experiences and University 100

Rashawn Green, Director, Learning Resource Center

Axel Montepeque, Coordinator, Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam

Undergraduate Studies

Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President

Shelly Thompson, Director

Whitney Scott, Director, Faculty Development

Marcy DeVeaux, Associate Director, Faculty Development

Hillary Kaplowitz, Lead Instructional Designer

Janett Silvers, Instructional Designer

Geraldine Sare, Director, The Matador Advising Hub

Debbie Ma, Director, General Education Honors Program

Jonathan Charres, Articulation Officer

Julie Hunter, Catalog Editor

Administration and Finance

Colin Donahue, Vice President for Administration and Finance/CFO

Edith Winterhalter, Associate Vice President for Budget and Strategic Operations

Karen Pak, Associate Vice President of Financial Services

John Veatch, Assistant Vice President for Budget Planning and Management

Ken Rosenthal, Associate Vice President, Facilities Development and Operations

Kristina de la Vega, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Alfredo Fernandez, Interim Chief of Police

Howard Lutwak, Director, Internal Audit

Michael Izzi, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Tony Pepe, Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Information Technology

Ranjit Philip, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

Muhammad Zaman, Assistant Vice President, Infrastructure Services

Helen Heinrich, Interim Associate Vice President, Academic Technology

Kyle Shaver, Director, Enterprise Application Development

Ryan Conlogue, Director, User Support Services

Kevin Krzewinski, Information Security Officer, Information Security

Edward Chong, Assistant Director, Information Security

Takiya Moore, Director, Instructional Technologies

Vacant, Director, Cloud and Systems Services

Anu Nagarajan, Director, Digital Transformation and Process Improvement

Jenny Chou, Director, IT Finance and HR

Student Affairs

William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

David Dufault-Hunter, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Shelley Ruelas-Bischoff, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Zeina Otaky-Ramirez, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development

Patrick Bailey, General Manager, Associated Students

Nyla Dalferes, Interim Director, The Career Center

Jodi Johnson, Director, Disability Resources and Educational Services

Shelline Warren, Interim Director, Financial Aid and Scholarship Department

Marta Lopez, Director, International Exchange Student Center

Cathy McLeod, Director, National Center on Deafness

Paul Schantz, Director, Student Affairs Web and Technology Services

Christopher Aston, Director, Student Development and Transitional Programs

Lynne Landeta, Interim Director, Klotz Student Health Center

Juana Maria Valdivia, Director, Student Outreach and Recruitment

Julie Pearce, Director, University Counseling Services

Debra Hammond, Executive Director, University Student Union

Todd Wolfe, University Registrar

Kelly Whitaker, Interim Associate Director, Enrollment Services Systems and Technology

Aaron Lindberg, Director, Admissions

Jenny Soto, Associate Director, Enrollment Services Strategic Communication

University Relations and Advancement

Nichole Ipach, Vice President for University Relations and Advancement and President of the Foundation Board

Claudia Keith, Interim Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Shellie Hadvina, Associate Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

Ira N. Unterman, Assistant Vice President, Resource Management and Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation

Veronica Grant, Director, Advancement Operations

Dominique C. Munoz, Senior Director, Special Events and Protocol

Rafael De La Rosa, Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations

Patrick Osburn, General Manager, 88.5 Radio Group