Full-Time Enrollment (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Full-Time Enrollment

  • Full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is considered to be 15 units (12 units for financial aid and certain external legal requirements).
  • Graduate students who need to be considered full time must be enrolled in a minimum of 8 units.
  • SUMMER TERM ONLY: For undergraduate international students enrolled in the Semester at CSUN program through The Tseng College of Extended Learning, enrollment is considered full time at 6 units.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their own academic programs are accurate, and they are urged to act immediately to correct any enrollment discrepancies. Any enrollment discrepancies should be brought to the Office of the Registrar for correction. Failure to correct an academic program discrepancy or to drop a class officially may result in a grade of “WU” (Withdrawal Unauthorized) in courses never attended.

Half-Time Enrollment

For information on half-time enrollment, see Full- and Half-Time Enrollment and What Affects My Aid–Enrollment Requirements.