Returning Student Admission Requirements

Returning Students in Good Standing

Admission requirements depend on returning students’ academic standing in their last semester of attendance at CSUN. Returning undergraduate and graduate students in good standing are not required to meet additional admission criteria. However, students should provide the Office of the Registrar with official transcripts of any coursework completed since last attending CSUN. For additional application procedures, see Returning Student Admissions.

Previously Disqualified Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students wishing to return after previous disqualification in their last semester at CSUN must demonstrate acquired skills or achievements that support a successful return to the University. Such evidence may include successful completion of courses in their degree program at another institution or through The Tseng College (Extended Learning) with grades that demonstrate the ability to achieve good standing in a reasonable time frame if they are readmitted to CSUN. Students are strongly urged to meet with their CSUN academic advisor to discuss readmission requirements.

To be considered for readmission, previously disqualified freshmen, transfer and second bachelor’s students will need to meet the following eligibility requirements. Students should:

  1. Complete the four basic subjects for CSU general education: Writing, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, and Speech Communication courses with a “C-” or better.  (Students reapplying as Engineering or Computer Science majors do not have to complete Critical Thinking prior to admission.)
  2. Before applying, contact the CSUN College Advising Center for the major to determine major-specific readmission criteria. After the student applies, the College of the major and the Office of Undergraduate Studies will complete a review to determine the student’s admissibility.
  3. Determine whether or not a new application for admission via Cal State Apply is required.
  4. Complete and submit the “Previously Disqualified Student Questionnaire” before the published deadline.

Admission procedures for previously disqualified students are published at Returning Undergraduate Students.

Previously Disqualified Graduate and Credential Students

Readmission of previously disqualified graduate and credential students will be determined by their respective graduate or credential programs. Admission procedures for previously disqualified students are published at Returning Graduate Students.