Schedule Adjustments (Undergraduate)

Students are permitted to change their initial enrollment by following the University’s Schedule Adjustment procedure. Ordinarily, during the first four weeks of the Fall or Spring semester, students may add, drop or change the basis of grading online through the CSUN Portal using the self-service registration system, or later by filing a Late Change in Academic Schedule for Undergraduate Students form. For additional details and deadlines, consult the Late Schedule Changes page or contact the Office of the Registrar.


Students may continue to add classes and wait list for closed classes online without a permission number through the first week of instruction. (Restricted classes always require a permission number to add or wait list.) During the second through twelfth weeks of instruction, students may add classes online with a permission number from the instructor.


Students are responsible for attending all courses in which they are registered. During the first four weeks of instruction, students may drop courses online without academic penalty and without the course instructor’s approval. Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal and will result in a failing grade.

Changing the Basis of Grading

Changing the basis of grading from regular letter grading to Credit/No Credit or conversely may be accomplished through the CSUN Portal, using the self-service registration system during the first four weeks of instruction.

Late Requests for Change in Academic Schedule

Students must complete a Late Change in Academic Schedule for Undergraduate Students form to:

  • Add class(es) after Week 12.
  • Drop class(es) after Week 4.
  • Change the basis of grading after Week 4.

Students may obtain forms and procedural information from the Office of the Registrar and online at Late Schedule Changes.

All late requests for Changes in Academic Schedule must be filed during the semester in which classes are taken. Late changes in academic schedule that have been previously denied will not be reconsidered as retroactive requests after the semester has ended.