Course: EED 567ACT. Supervised Fieldwork (4)

Prerequisite: Admission to the ACT Preparation Program. Corequisites: EED 500 (or EPC 500) or (EPC 315 may be substituted for EED 500 or EPC 500 only if completed previously as an undergraduate student), EED 515, EED 520, EED 559C, EED 565M, EED 577; ELPS 541A; SPED 541B. Restricted to candidates admitted to the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Preparation Program and offered in the Fall Semester only. EED 567ACT is the first field experience for Multiple Subject Credential candidates enrolled in the ACT pathway. The field experience takes place in participating public schools and provides the teacher candidate the opportunity to establish connections among course content, theories of teaching and learning, and classroom pedagogy. In this course, students develop skills in assessing pupils and planning and implementing the elementary curriculum, and are provided formative feedback necessary to teach in the full range of domains defined by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and associated Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs). This field experience provides the teacher candidate the opportunity to work toward the goal of assuming the full responsibilities of a certificated teacher. Emphasis in this field experience is on general pedagogical skills, such as classroom management and lesson planning in teaching in the areas of reading/language arts, English language development (ELD) and mathematics. This course also provides a context for rehearsal of the Teaching Event of the state-mandated Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). (Credit/No Credit only)

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