Course: ELPS 541A. Getting Started–Introduction to Teaching in Urban Schools (1)

Restricted to candidates admitted to the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation Program. Prerequisite: Admission to the ACT Program. Corequisites:

Multiple Subject Credential Candidates: EED 500/EPC 500; EED 515, EED 520, EED 565ACT, EED 565M, EED 577; ELPS 541A.
Single Subject Credential Candidates: ELPS 541A; EPC 420; SED 511, SED 514, SED 525, SED 554.
Special Education Credential Candidates: EED 515 (optional), EED 520, EED 565M, EED 577; ELPS 541A with SPED 541B; SPED 504ACT, SPED 577ACT, SPED 579ACT.

The first of two core courses in the ACT Program for elementary, secondary and special education teacher candidates is taught collaboratively by a team of University and school faculty. The course is an introduction to teaching and learning in the context of P-12 urban schools with an emphasis on educational equity, diversity and special populations. Topics include an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a professional educator; teachers’ and students’ backgrounds and how they impact teaching and learning in urban schools; knowledge of relevant federal and state legislation for students with special needs; classroom practices that include planning, assessment and management in urban schools; and collaboration with school professionals and parents. Teacher candidates are provided activities and discussion that emphasize the link between theory and practice. (Offered Fall semester.)

Fall-2021 - Schedule of Classes


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