Program: Minor in Ethics

Program Description

The minor in Ethics offers students taking a broad array of majors an opportunity to develop strong skills in ethical reasoning that they can apply to their daily lives as well as their careers. Students may choose among undergraduate courses in ethics that span a wide range of departments and disciplines. Of the 18 units in the minor, at least 8 units must be upper division, with 6 units taken in residence at CSUN. Some electives have additional prerequisites beyond the required courses shown.

(See also: Minor in Business Ethics.)


Co-Director: Jennifer Thompson
Professor, Jewish Studies Program
(818) 677-2963

Co-Director: Kristina Meshelski
Professor, Philosophy Department

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a minor in Ethics will be able to:

  1. Explain and reflect critically on different ethical theories.
  2. Articulate a method for identifying ethical issues.
  3. Apply a method for developing responses to ethical issues.
  4. Compare and evaluate different responses to ethical issues and identify how different assumptions lead to divergent conclusions.
  5. Know how to locate information that can help them respond to ethical issues, e.g., professional codes of ethics.