Course: SED 593. Field Experience for Single Subject Interns (2-2-2-2)

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree; Admission to the Single Subject University Intern Program (SSUIP); Full-time teaching position in a public school. Corequisite: SED 593S must be taken with the first enrollment in SED 593. The SED 593 field experience is designed for interns (employed secondary-level teachers who have not yet earned the Preliminary Single Subject Credential) in the SSUIP, a program that leads to the Preliminary Single Subject Credential. The intern is supervised on-site by a University supervisor and supported by a school-based support provider. Interns are required and only permitted to take SED 593 in any semester in which they are not enrolled in SED 554 or SED 555 (which are normally taken in the last two semesters). During the first enrollment in SED 593, the intern must also enroll in the introductory seminar: SED 593S. (Credit/No Credit only)

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

SED 593

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