Course: SPED 538. Early Intervention Practices (3)

Prerequisites or Corequisites: SPED 402, SPED 404, SPED 431, SPED 500, SPED 520EC, SPED 532, SPED 535, SPED 536, SPED 537. Corequisite: SPED 578EC. Taken with or the semester before 578EC–Fieldwork in ECSE: Infant/Toddler. The course content is designed for graduate level students from relevant disciplines (e.g., early childhood special education, communicative disorders, child development, nursing, physical therapy). Students will identify their roles as members of an early intervention team serving families and their infants and toddlers with IFSPs. Course content focuses on the CA Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations, philosophies and recommended and evidence-based practices in the field of early intervention, team models, service delivery approaches and strategies to promote collaboration with families and other members of the educational team. (Offered once each year.)

Fall-2021 - Schedule of Classes

SPED 538

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