Course: SPED 579ACT. Supervised Fieldwork/Seminar Mild/Moderate and Extensive Support Needs (3)

Prerequisites: Restricted to candidates admitted to the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Residency Program. Prerequisites or Corequisites: ELPS 541A; SPED 402, SPED 406, SPED 407, SPED 511, SPED 541B; EED 565M or SED 525XX. This course is the first of two supervised field experiences and seminars for residents in the ACT Mild/Moderate and Extensive Support Needs Programs. SPED 579ACT is designed to provide residents practical hands-on experience in K-12 culturally and linguistically diverse schools. Accompanying seminars link coursework with practice and provide collegial support to participants. The seminar meets on selected weeks during the semester with the university supervisor. Fieldwork hours consist of 12 hours per week in a classroom setting with support from an on-site mentor teacher. (Offered Fall semester only.)

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes


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