Course: SPED 672. Advanced Assessment (3)

Prerequisites: Admission to the Clear Education Specialist Credential Program or the Special Education master’s program and prerequisite SPED 501MM; or admission to Educational Therapy programs with prerequisites SPED 400SPED 406SPED 501MMSPED 503MME, and pre/corequisite SPED 673. This master’s-level course is designed to examine the advanced skills educational therapists and other educators use when evaluating a student with learning differences pertaining to clinical procedures and educational diagnosis. Coursework will include: (a) choosing appropriate formal and informal assessments for individuals at various age levels; (b) interpreting test data for the purpose of making an educational diagnosis; (c) interpreting test data for the purpose of developing an intervention plan; (d) synthesizing contextual information; and (e) guiding the client and family through the assessment process.

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SPED 672

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