Program: Minor in Theatre: History/Literature

Program Description

Note: TH 110 is the introductory course required in each of the minor emphases to be taken during the first semester of registration as a Theatre minor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a department advisor as early as possible to discuss their program of studies and the selection of an emphasis for the minor.

Program Requirements

1. Program Entrance Requirement (3 units)

TH 110 Introduction to Theatre: Text, Drama, Performance (3)

2. Required Courses (12 units)

TH 222 Mapping World Theatre and Drama (3)
TH 321A World Theatre and Drama I (3)
TH 321B World Theatre and Drama II (3)
TH 350 Cultural and Historical Perspectives for Theatre (3)

3. Choose three courses from the following (9 units)

TH 422 Theatre and Drama of Greece and Rome (3)

TH 423 Theatre and Drama of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (3)

TH 424 Theatre and Drama of the 18th and 19th Centuries (3)

TH 425 Theatre and Drama of Europe and America from Naturalism to the Mid-20th Century (3)

TH 426 Contemporary Theatre and Drama of Europe and America (3)

TH 427 History of Costume (3)

TH 432 Theatre and Drama of the United States (3)
or TH 433 Musical Theatre History (3)

TH 535 Theatrical Theory and Criticism (3)

4. Select one course from the following (3 units)

TH 530 Theatre and Drama of Latin America (3)
TH 531 Theatre and Drama of Asia (3)

Total Units in the Minor: 27

More information

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