Course: EED 559F. Student Teaching Seminar (1)

Prerequisites: EED 550B(3), EED 560C or EED 567ACT; EED 559C. Corequisites: EED 551C, EED 561F or EED 568ACT. This course is a 1-unit supervised fieldwork seminar for Multiple Subject Credential candidates completing the Traditional, Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation and Internship pathways. The seminar provides opportunities for candidates to reflect on and analyze fieldwork experiences. Student teachers and interns learn to: (1) assess their own and pupil needs; (2) gather data; (3) analyze results; (4) problem solve; (5) modify teaching practices; and (6) determine implications of their experience for future instruction. The seminar will promote teacher candidates’ successful completion of the Teaching Event of the adopted Teacher Performance Assessment. (Credit/No Credit only)

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes

EED 559F

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