Course: EED 568ACT. Student Teaching (6)

Prerequisites: EED 559C, EED 567ACT; Admission to the ACT Preparation Program; Verification of eligibility from Credential Office. Corequisites: EED 559F, EED 565S, EED 575; ELPS 542A; HSCI 465ELM; KIN 595PE; SPED 542BEED 568ACT is the second field experience in the ACT Pathway and the culminating student teaching experience for Multiple Subject Credential candidates enrolled in ACT. The field experience provides the teacher candidate the opportunity to establish connections among course content, theories of teaching and learning, and classroom pedagogy. In this course, students develop skills in assessing pupils and planning and implementing the elementary curriculum, and are provided formative feedback from their master teacher and university supervisor to help them move toward mastery of the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). This field experience provides the teacher candidate the opportunity to work toward the goal of assuming the full responsibilities of a certificated teacher. The 10-week (approximately 320 hours) field experience takes place in participating public schools and expands on the first student teaching assignment with the inclusion of planning, implementing and evaluating social studies, science, arts, physical education and health education curriculum to the responsibilities of the student teacher. Teacher candidates must complete and pass the state-mandated Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). (Credit/No Credit only).

Fall-2024 - Schedule of Classes


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