Course: EED 551C. Supervised Practicum (3)

Prerequisites: EED 500 (or EPC 500), EED 520, EED 550B(1), EED 550B(2), EED 550B(3), EED 559C, EED 565M, EED 575, EED 577; ELPS 417/CHS 417/AFRS 417/AAS 417/ARMN 417; SPED 401C; Admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program–University Internship Pathway; Currently a teacher of record for a K-8 classroom; Verification of eligibility from Credential Office; Documentation of 40 hours of fieldwork. Corequisite: EED 559F. Prerequisites/Corequisites: Enrollment in or completion of EED 515, EED 565S; HSCI 465ELM; KIN 595PE. This course assists the intern in establishing connections among course content, theories of teaching and learning, and classroom pedagogy. This culminating intern teaching experience provides interns with the formative feedback necessary to teach in the full range of domains defined by the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). (Credit/No Credit only)

Spring-2024 - Schedule of Classes

EED 551C

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