Program: Minor in Interactive Marketing

Program Description

The Interactive Marketing minor allows non-Marketing majors the opportunity to pursue secondary interests in marketing. This minor is not available to Marketing majors.

Program Requirements

1. Required Courses (12 units)

2. Elective Courses (6 units)

Students must successfully complete 6 units from the following:

MKT 350 Consumer Information in the Digital Age (3)*
MKT 356 Marketing Metrics and Insights (3)
MKT 448 Digital Marketing (3)

*Courses that are also General Education: BUS 104 satisfies 3 units of E Lifelong Learning; ECON 160 satisfies 3 units of D1 Social Sciences; and MKT 350 satisfies 3 units of D1 Social Sciences in the upper division General Education requirement.

Total Units in the Minor: 18


Department of Marketing
Chair: Deborah Heisley
Bookstein Hall (BB) 3119
(818) 677-2458