Course: EED 525. Bilingual and Bicultural Teaching in the Elementary School (3)

Prerequisite: EED 500/EPC 500, EED 520, EED 565M, EED 577. Preparatory: EED 565S, EED 575. This is a required course for all Multiple Subject BCLAD Emphasis Credential program candidates. Evidence of bi-literacy proficiency (passage of required BCLAD Examination) in all four modes of literacy in the primary language (Spanish, Korean, Armenian; and Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese through the CSU Asian BCLAD Consortium) and English language is required of all BCLAD Emphasis Credential program candidates. This course will examine and compare/contrast the foundations of literacy development in the primary languages (Spanish, Korean, Armenian, Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese) and English. Relationships among emergent literacy, primary language development, literature-based programs, and other paradigms of L1 and L2 literacy will be explored. Moreover, effective bilingual and bicultural teaching methodology will also be addressed, along with effective bilingual teaching strategies for reading and writing across the curriculum and SDAIE strategies for core content area (e.g., mathematics, science, history-social science, music, art, and p.e.) language development. Bilingual instructional planning (short and long range planning) and teaching will also be explored. (Cross-listed with SED 525BL.)

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EED 525

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