Course: SPED 542B. Meeting the Needs of All Students in Urban Schools (1)

Prerequisites: Restricted to candidates admitted to the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Residency Program; Successful completion of all Fall semester coursework. Corequisites: Multiple Subject Credential Candidates: ELPS 542A; EED 559F, EED 565S, EED 568ACT, EED 575; HSCI 465ELM; KIN 595PE. Single Subject Credential Candidates: ELPS 542A; HSCI 466ADO; SED 521, SED 529, SED 555, SED 555S. Special Education Credential Candidates in MME: ELPS 542A; SPED 416, SPED 502MME, SPED 503MME, SPED 545, SPED 580ACT. This course is the second of two core courses in the ACT Program designed for elementary, secondary, and special education teacher candidates and taught collaboratively by a team of university and school faculty. Building on the content introduced in the first core course related to educational equity, restorative justice practices, diversity and special populations, topics include developing as a reflective educator who considers the learning needs of all students; creating and managing effective and healthy classroom environments in urban schools; problem solving strategies to facilitate teaching and learning; instructional modifications and accommodations for students with disabilities in general education settings, issues related to diversity and multicultural education; and models of collaboration/consultation. Teacher candidates are provided activities and discussions that emphasize the links between theory and practice. (Offered in Spring semester only.)

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