Course: SPED 671. Advanced Study of Literacy Problems (3)

Prerequisites: Admission to the Special Education master’s program and prerequisite SPED 502MME; or admission to Educational Therapy programs with prerequisites SPED 400SPED 406SPED 501MMSPED 503MMESPED 672 and SPED 673; or admission to the Reading Certificate and Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential program with prerequisites EED 625A/L or EED 625B/L and EED 595A. This course provides advanced study in the area of literacy. It is designed to examine issues related to literacy processes, assessment and instructional practices, research methodologies and the relationships between language, literacy, schooling and culture. Emphasis is placed on students struggling with reading and writing. A minimum of 12 hours of supervised clinical experience is required.

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SPED 671

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