Program: M.A., Educational Therapy

Program Description

The Master of Arts degree in Educational Therapy is an online program designed to prepare individuals to become Educational Therapy practitioners who are specifically trained to combine educational and therapeutic approaches that address the needs of children, adolescents and adults with learning challenges. Educational therapists provide intensive services to their clients, including creating and implementing a treatment plan that utilizes information from a variety of sources, including the client’s social, psychoeducational and neuropsychological context; assisting clients’ awareness of their strengths; and using those strengths to overcome or compensate areas of weakness. Individuals entering the field of Educational Therapy typically have a background in general or special education, child development, speech and language therapy, psychological counseling, marriage and family counseling, and advocacy. Educational therapists provide services in private practice, public and private schools, learning centers, clinics, hospitals, public agencies, businesses and workplaces, community colleges, universities and vocational schools.

Program Requirements

A. Requirements for Admission (Conditionally Classified Status)

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or collage.
  2. Good standing at the last university attended.
  3. A minimum of a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 semester units attempted.
  4. Admission to the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential program; or an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher; or a University-approved aptitude test for graduate study, such as the GRE with a score at or above the 50th percentile on one of the three GRE subtests or 50th percentile on the MAT.
  5. Fingerprint clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Provide a copy of a valid CTC Certificate or Credential. Instructions on completing the online process can be found on the Credential Office website. Live Scan forms and CTC payment confirmation printouts will not be accepted.
  6. Tuberculosis clearance: Provide evidence of freedom from tuberculosis within the last 2 years. The test must clearly indicate a negative result and may completed any health facility. Currently enrolled CSUN students may contact the Klotz Student Health Center for a TB test at (818) 677-3666. Include a photocopy of the negative test results with this application.
  7. Two years of experience in the field.

B. Requirements for Admission to the Program (Classified Status)

  1. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher or a University-approved aptitude test for graduate study, such as the GRE with a score at or above the 50th percentile on one of the three GRE subtests or 50th percentile on the MAT.
  2. A 3.0 GPA for all work taken as a conditionally classified student. Approval of a plan of study by the student’s advisor.

C. Other Requirements

  1. A minimum of 36 units, including a culminating experience, is required for completion of the Master of Arts degree.
  2. Courses more than 7 years old will not be included in the total of 36 units required for the M.A. degree. Students should see an advisor prior to selecting classes.
  3. A 3.0 GPA or higher in all work undertaken since admission to the program to be advanced to candidacy (approval to proceed to the culminating experience course).

D. Required Courses (36 units)

1. Foundational Courses (12 units)

SPED 400 Developmental Differences and Implications in Special Education (3)
SPED 406 K-12 Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners with Disabilities (3)
SPED 501MM Special Education Assessment of Diverse Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)
SPED 503MME Curriculum and Instruction for Diverse Learners with Mild to Extensive Support Needs (3)

2. Educational Therapy Core Courses (15 units)

SPED 671 Advanced Study of Literacy Problems (3)
SPED 672 Advanced Assessment (3)
SPED 673 Principles of Educational Therapy for Individuals with Exceptional Needs (3)
SPED 676 Clinical Case Management (3)
SPED 679 Internship in Educational Therapy (3)

3. Graduate Research Courses (6 units)

Prerequisite: Classified Status

SPED 681 Graduate Research in Special Education (3)
SPED 682MM Advanced Graduate Research in Special Education (3)

4. Culminating Experience (3 units)

SPED 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Total Units Required for the M.A. Degree: 36


Department of Special Education
Chair: Amy Hanreddy
Education (ED) 1204
(818) 677-2596

Graduate Coordinator: Zhen Chai
(818) 677-4604

Program Learning Outcomes

Students receiving a Master of Arts in Educational Therapy will be able to:

  1. Identify components of the ET model and describe its principles.
  2. Describe the role and responsibilities of an educational therapist.
  3. Review and critique the literature and research related to the field of ET.
  4. Develop a comprehensive literature review on a problem related to the ET field.
  5. Complete action research, investigating an issue/problem in the ET field, designing the study, analyzing data, and summarizing results.
  6. Analyze formal and informal assessments to assess a client’s learning needs
  7. Develop and implement client’s intervention plan, based on assessment data
  8. Demonstrate respect for the AET code of ethics and effective collaboration with the client, parents, teachers and allied professionals.