Masters Programs by Options (105)

Anthropology, M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis, M.S. Art: Visual Arts, M.A. Art: Art History, M.A. Art: Art Education, M.A. Art: Visual Arts, M.F.A. Assistive Technology Engineering, M.S. Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services, M.S. Athletic Training, M.S. Biochemistry, M.S. Biology, M.S. Business Administration, M.B.A. Chemistry, M.S. Chicano and Chicana Studies, M.A. Communication Studies, M.A. Communicative Disorders, M.S. Computer Engineering, M.S. Computer Science, M.S. Counseling: Career Counseling, M.S. Counseling: College Counseling and Student Services, M.S. Counseling: School Counseling, M.S. Diverse Community Development Leadership, M.A. Education: Educational Psychology, M.A. Educational Administration, M.A. Educational Technology, M.A. Educational Therapy, M.A. Electrical Engineering, M.S. Elementary Education: Curriculum and Instruction, M.A. Elementary Education: Language and Literacy, M.A. Elementary Education: Multilingual and Multicultural, M.A. Engineering Management, M.S. English: Literature, M.A. English: Creative Writing, M.A. English: Rhetoric and Composition, M.A. Environmental and Occupational Health, M.S. Environmental and Occupational Health: Industrial Hygiene, M.S. Family and Consumer Sciences: Apparel Design and Merchandising, M.S. Family and Consumer Sciences: Consumer Affairs and Family Studies, M.S. Geographic Information Science, M.S. Geography, M.A. Geology: Geology, M.S. Geology: Geophysics, M.S. Health Administration, M.S. Higher Education Leadership, M.A. History, M.A. Human Nutrition: Human Nutrition, M.S. Human Nutrition: Dietetic Internship, M.S. Humanities, M.A. Instructional Design, M.A. Kinesiology, M.S. Knowledge Management, M.K.M. Linguistics, M.A. Manufacturing Systems Engineering, M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S. Mass Communication, M.A. Materials Engineering, M.S. Mathematics: Applied Mathematics, M.S. Mathematics: Statistics, M.S. Mathematics: Pure Mathematics , M.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools, M.A. Music: Collaborative Piano Performance Option, M.M. Music: Performance Option, M.M. Music: Conducting Option, M.M. Music: Composition Option, M.M. Music Industry Administration, M.A. Nursing, M.S. Physics, M.S. Political Science: American Politics, M.A. Political Science: Global Politics, M.A. Professional Accountancy, M.P.Acc. Psychological Science, M.A. Psychology: Clinical Research, M.A. Psychology: Clinical Fieldwork, M.A. Public Administration: Public Sector Management and Leadership, M.P.A. Public Administration: Public Policy Analysis and Management, M.P.A. Public Administration: Nonprofit Sector Management, M.P.A. Public Administration: Performance Management and Productivity in the Public Sector, M.P.A. Public Administration: Geographical Information Systems and Technologies, M.P.A. Public Administration: Health Administration, M.P.A. Public Archaeology, M.A. Public Health: Applied Epidemiology, M.P.H. Public Health: Community Health Education, M.P.H. School Psychology, M.S. Screenwriting, M.F.A. Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, M.A. Secondary English Education, M.A. Secondary Mathematics Education, M.A. Secondary Science Education, M.A. Social Work, M.S.W. Sociology, M.A. Software Engineering, M.S. Spanish, M.A. Special Education: Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing, M.A. Special Education: Early Childhood Special Education, M.A. Special Education: Mild/Moderate and Extensive Support Needs, M.A. Structural Engineering, M.S. Sustainability, M.A. Taxation, M.S. Teaching English as a Second Language, M.A. Theatre Arts, M.A. Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management: Recreational Sport Management/Recreation Management, M.S. Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management: Tourism Management, M.S. Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management: Hospitality Management, M.S. Urban Planning, M.U.P.