Program: Minor in Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The Entrepreneurship minor allows business students and non-business students the opportunity to pursue a secondary interest in the field of entrepreneurship.

Program Requirements

1. Required Introductory Core (9 units)

*BLAW 280 or BUS 104 satisfies 3 units of General Education in Lifelong Learning.

2. Required Upper Division Courses (9 units)

BUS 310 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3)
BUS 410 Business Development and Operation for Entrepreneurs (3)

Entrepreneurship Experience

Select 3 units from the following courses:

BUS 491CS Small Business Consulting (3)
BUS 495E New Venture Launch (3)
IS 497E Technology Start-up Entrepreneurship (3)
MGT 498AE-CE Internship Management (1-3)
MSE 402 Engineering Project Management (3)
MUS 483ME/L Music Entrepreneurship and Lab (1/1)

Total Units in the Minor: 18


Department of Management
Department Chair: Deone Zell
Bookstein Hall (BB) 3119
(818) 677-2457